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UltraAnt Climbing Club
Týnská 17
Praha 1, 101 00

kurzy@tynskastena.cz (pro kurzy a kroužky)

ULTRA ANT spol. s r.o.
IČO: 25733711

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Městská část Praha 1
Rules of operation
  1. Climbing wall is used specifically for training of rock climbing.
  2. Climbing on the wall is possible for persons with standardized climbing equipment (rope, harness, carabiners, belaying device, climbing shoes - all in accordance with the UIAA norm) after paying one-time entrance fee and signing that one agrees to be bound by these rules of operation. Visitors of Ultra Ant can become the club’s members at any time by signing up and purchasing a membership card for 50 CZK. Entrance fee is favourable for members. Membership is permanent.
  3. For hygienic reasons, it is only allowed to climb with climbing shoes on. It’s forbidden to enter the climbing area with outdoor footwear.
  4. Persons under the age of 15 years may only climb in the presence of adult supervision that is responsible for them. During climbing courses, certified instructor is responsible for the attending children.
  5. Climbing is done solely at your own risk. Each climber is responsible for themselves.
  6. Each climber is bound to be tied to a rope, climb and belay in accordance with the UIAA norm. Every climber has to be able to properly use all climbing equipment and to know the basics of belaying. Upon previous consultation, it’s possible to undertake an instructed course directly at Ultra Ant climbing club to learn all the necessary skills.
  7. Bouldering can only be done in a maximum height of 4 metres (=2nd quickdraw). Before starting a route, boulderists always make sure there is no person or dangerous object (e.g. harness with quickdraws) in the landing zone below them
  8. Tying to the rope via carabiner is forbidden. It’s necessary to always be tied with a standard eight-knot.
  9. Every climber is to be properly belayed; free solo climbing is not allowed! Consequently, it’s forbidden to skip quickdraws - each quickdraw is clipped at the height of one’s knees at the latest.
  10. One route cannot be climbed by more than one person at a time. Climbers are considerate of one another while climbing and belaying and they are attentive of the space above and below them.
  11. Belaying from an anchor or quickdraws is forbidden.
  12. Climbers do not take unnecessarily long falls (neither for effect nor training).
  13. If there’s a loose hold or protection point, it’s necessary to inform the staff and any climber that is about to climb the route involved as soon as possible. Upon consulting the staff, the loose hold/protection point can be fixed.
  14. Climbing is done on set holds. It is not allowed to climb on constructions or equipment whose primary purpose is not climbing.
  15. For safety reasons, all necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are put down before climbing. Long hair is tied with a hair tie and loose clothing is zipped or otherwise secured.
  16. Any injury is to be immediately announced to the staff which will call the ambulance if necessary.
  17. Resetting routes (switching/adding/removing holds) is only allowed with the staff’s consent.
  18. We advise that the climbers don’t climb on top rope, especially on overhanging profiles. The only exception is occasionally set ropes for beginners’ training.
  19. During top-rope climbing, rope is clipped in the top anchor and in the last quickdraw. Rope must not be crossed at the top and there is always only one rope in an anchor at a time. Climber is tied to part of the rope closer to the wall (the one clipped in quickdraws) to avoid swinging and injuring their belayer or other climbers.
  20. Belayer, equipped with a proper belaying device, can only belay one climber at a time.
  21. Adjustable walls can only be operated by the staff - if you would like them readjusted, ask at the bar. Staff can also play music on request and upon consulting them it’s possible to open windows.
  22. For safety reasons, it’s not allowed to bring any food or beverages except bottled water in the climbing area (including chewing gum). Alcoholic beverages can only be served or sold to persons of 18 years and above. It’s forbidden to climb under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics.
  23. Anyone witnessing violation of these rules of operation is required to notify the climber involved about the rules. Should the climber fail to correct their behaviour, it’s necessary to inform the staff.
  24. It’s forbidden to draw on the climbing wall or mark holds in any way.
  25. The club’s manager and staff are authorized to banish anyone violating these rules of operation from the climbing centre at any time with no refund.
  26. In the whole area, visitors act in accordance with the general custom of consideration, logic and hygienic standards in order to avoid damage of furnishing, uneconomical use of the area and so on.
  27. Valuables can be locked in a safe at the bar.
  28. Compensation for losing or breaking a borrowed padlock is 100 CZK.
  29. In case of harsh handling of borrowed equipment - rope especially - a compensation ranging 20-30% of its original price will be demanded.
  30. For hygienic reasons, no cats or dogs are allowed in the area.
  31. Bikes are not allowed in the area as the owner of the upper part of SJV does not wish them present in the building. Should it be necessary, however, it’s possible to park your bike at the bicycle stand in front of our dressing rooms. In this case, we kindly ask you to be careful not to damage the wall paint or daub the floor.
  32. Climbing groups and instructors commercially using the wall climb at set times – usually until 18 PM at the latest. Instructors take responsibility for their clients.

Enjoy your climbing in UltraAnt.